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Do you know, If you adopt a Child, it’s not only going to change your lives, but also help the society and the whole world? Yes, Adoption is a beautiful gift you can give to your family and the whole world. Today when we all are dealing with so many problems, adoption seems like a ray of Hope. Even if you are not married you must read this, How can adopting a child solve problems of the society? Why is adoption the need of our society today?

To adopt a child, it might seem a big decision for you. You might be scared bringing an unknown orphan your home? You must be scared, if you will be able to give the child the love you are giving to your own children? But all these questions will become smaller in front of all the positive things Adoption brings with it. Lets have a look at the problems of society, Adoption can solve easily.

Lets promote adoption, Adopt a child
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Population Control

Population is the problem we all are facing around the Globe. Orphanages are full and more and more orphans are joining them daily. By bringing one orphan your home, you can complete your family as well as you can help control population of your country.
Over population comes with its own problems like, More traffic, you need more place to accommodate more people, more place for population means less space for greenery, lack of jobs, financial burdens and a lot more. Adopting one child and bringing one less child in this world can easily solve the problem of population.

Love and Care

Do you have any idea, what kind of life do orphans have to live? How important is a family for you? How important is love and care of your family is for you?
An orphan child has no family, gets no Love or a little love that is not sufficient for him/her to live a life beautifully. When you adopt a child, you gift him a family that welcomes him with open arms. Give that ill-fated child, all the love and care he deserves. Your one simple decision of bringing an orphan home, can change the life of an orphan upside down. Wouldn’t you feel more happier and satisfied, when you give an everlasting smile on a sad face?


We all know the importance of education for children and the importance of education for the society. An orphaned child gets a little or no education that every child deserves to get. When you adopt a child, you give the child the gift of better education. Education that is the right of every child, but orphans doesn’t get the fair opportunity to get proper education.
We can make our society and nation better only when we have more educated people in our society. After all, education is a strong pillar of every society, right?

Ill traits of society

Child abuse, Child Molestation, Child rapes, Child prostitution, Child human trafficking and Child labour are ill traits of our society that are eating up our society and making it hollow. The innocent minds of children are not able to tackle all these ill traits of society, and all this fills their innocent hearts with cruelty and hatred.
Adoption, gives orphan children a safe place to live. Yes, I agree adoption can’t completely eradicate these ill traits of society BUT adoption can surely bring down these cases in a large number.

The video is about an innocent girl forced into Child Prostitution #DoNotLookAway

Crime rate

Aren’t we all upset about young kids going on the wrong paths like stealing, Con-men, robbery and things like that. If they are well qualified, educated and brought up with good morals, they can definitely find good jobs to earn money. But for easy money they do all these crimes which are not good for our society in any way.
Of course, I know Adoption can’t completely eradicate crime from the society, but adoption can easily bring down the crime rate.

Let’s Promote Adoption

Adoption is just the first step towards a healthy, beautiful and clean society. We all need to come forward and bring happiness to the lives of the kids staying at the orphanages. If every couple adopts one child, within a few years there will be no orphan around. With just a simple decision of bringing a baby your home can change so many lives including yours.

Please share this with everyone to promote Adoption and lets bring smiles on the faces of those kids waiting for happiness in orphanages.

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