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Advertisements are the medium for Brands to reach the Sellers, a great way of promoting their products and showcasing their product’s best qualities. But, these advertisements became a different opportunity for moneymakers.

Have you ever given a thought, why do brands need Brand-Ambassadors? Why do they try to rope the best celebrity according to their product? They would hire a tele serial, daughter in law for a washing powder and a leading actress with long hairs for shampoo ads, already Fair actresses are roped for promoting fairness creams. Why do brands need famous faces, for their products?


The answer is simple, they use every way to lure us. The companies use anything to make holes in our pocket and health. This is serious!!!, Unhealthy products are sold by creative advertising, hiring best actors, Attractive packaging and heavy discounts. From cold-drinks to flavored juices everything has a high dosage of preservatives and chemicals, which harm us more than any benefits. Advertisements do tell us about the benefits of their products, but what they don’t tell us is the harms of their products.

Children are attracted with cartoons and attractively packaged chocolates, toffees, junk food and snacks.  Children force to buy such things, and parents have got no options left. Even if parents try to control their children to not eat such things, companies have other tricks. Free packs with other products and mini packs available at very low cost to lure more kids.

discountIn short, Companies are using every tact to sell their products, and it’s Time that we consumers, should open our eyes, read the ingredients and buy products accordingly. Why even being so educated, we become blind when our favorite actor is selling a product? We must think twice before buying products with heavy discounts, Why would a company sell things at less price, they are in the market to earn.  We must not go by their false promises and Money discounts, rather we should see the ingredients, expiry date and whether we need that product in real or not.

List of a few products, which are not good for you and your family’s health but we still buy them because they are cost efficient, tasty and because misleading ads tell us they are healthy-

Flavored drinks
Canned Juices
Energy Bars
Ready to eat meals
Canned Fruits

P.S- This is just a glimpse, there are many more such products, Would love to see you guys completing this List by replying me 🙂

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