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Common Relationship Mistakes that make any healthy relationship weak, no matter how much trust and faith you have on each other. If you are having issues in your healthy relationship, you must read this. These common relationship mistakes, act as a termite and can spoil any healthy relationship. These common relationship mistakes have gulped down many relationships, make sure it does not yours.

Common Relationship Mistakes

common relationship mistakesqcommon relationship mistakes
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Little Lies

Little lies are something we usually don’t give much importance to. These little lies are never something you or your partner would crib about, But the piles of these little lies, one after one becomes a giant and come back to haunt your relationship. When you are in LOVE and have trust on each other, what is the point of saying those little lies, which are not even worth? Later, when you realize that those worthless little lies are taking on your relationship, it becomes too late.

Keeping secrets

Keeping secrets or hiding things from your partner, makes your love life more complicated. We think, we can easily hide things from our partner, but our behavior becomes suspicious. Keeping secrets from your partner can only soar your relationship.

Taking personal life to Social media

These days, social media has become the mirror of our private lives. Anyone, and everyone can poke his nose and have a look on our personal lives. We must understand that personal fights, issues and even love should not be made public. This seems quite thrilling in the start, when you flaunt your relationship, but later on, it becomes a common reason for fights.

Over Possessiveness

Being possessive can make any relationship more beautiful, but when this possessiveness becomes over possessiveness, your partner feels like trapped. Every person needs a little space of their own, being over possessive.

Let it go

Every relationship has tough times, arguments and fights. Letting them go is the best you can do. Thinking, Why always me? Why should I always let it go? Makes the arguments and fights more intense and create troubles that are not easy to be sought out.

Choosing different means to communicate and not face to face

Choosing mails, sms, whatsapp and friend to communicate is the biggest mistake we do, it usually ends up in miscommunication. One on One or face to face communication is the best. Do not let miscommunication spoil your relationship.

Taken for granted

We know what our partner means to us, but most of time we take him/her for granted. The things they do for us, the love they show, the way they take care of us, we take everything for granted. Every person needs a little appreciation, love and respect back for what S/he does. Taking our partner for granted is another common mistake usually all couples do. Slowly and gradually, the pain that your partner doesn’t appreciate your gestures and take you for granted start hurting and becomes a reason for frustration that ends in fights for no real reasons.

Increasing expectations on your own

When in Love, we become extra caring, extra romantic and express love more than expected, increasing expectation of our partners. We ourself, increase expectations of our partner and then when our partner expects us to do certain things, we used to do earlier. It becomes the reason for fights, arguments and even break up.

Expecting more from your partner

Usually girls make this common mistake, by expecting more and more from their partners. Expecting your partner to read your mind, expecting your partner to say something at a specific time and a lot more stupid expectations that push a healthy relationship into a deep pit.

Comparing your partner

Comparing your partner to your friend’s partner is another common mistake couples do. Every person has their own personality, their own vices and virtues. Comparing them with others hurt their self respect and ego, which either leaves them irritated or in a shell, hiding their emotions. In both the scenarios, the relationship suffers.

I hope after reading about these common relationship mistakes, you will avoid them and make your relationship stronger!

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