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What is Feminine Hygiene (Vaginal Hygiene) and Why is it Important?

We women take care of our beauty and health, but there is one thing we keep forgetting, Intimate hygiene. Yes, we women do not give proper care to the feminine hygiene and intimate parts of our body. It is very important to take care of the feminine hygiene, most of women dent even know that if intimate areas are not cleaned properly, they can get serious infections. Specially, during and after menstruation, women should be taking extra care of the feminine hygiene of their intimate parts.

Do not panic, here is everything you want to know about feminine hygiene and How to properly take care of the health of intimate areas!

Image- Intimina.com
Image- Intimina.com

The natural Vaginal cleansing

It is amazing to know, how the body itself works for the cleaning of intimate areas. Do you know that our body, naturally cleans the vagina itself. Yes, this is strange and true. Well, the vaginal lining contains healthy bacteria and Glycogen which produces natural protective chemicals that contain lactic acid. The healthy bacteria and lactic acid doesn’t just maintain the pH balance of the vaginal area but also does not allow any other bacteria or harmful microbes that can create infection.

What can cause Vaginal infection?

Most of women do not know what can cause Vaginal Infection so here is the long list that can vaginal infections. Some common causes are humid weather, unhygienic toilet seats, wrong methods to remove pubic hairs, Wrong selection of feminine hygiene products and getting between the sheets with multiple partners. Some other reason of vaginal infection may be, synthetic undergarments, less water intake, aftereffects of antibiotics and allergy to some medications.

After knowing the causes of vaginal infection, you would want to know, the signs and symptoms of a vaginal infection?

Warning signs and symptoms of Vaginal Infection?

Vaginal infection signs and symptoms can be like, vaginal discharge, foul-smelling secretions, difficulty in urination, itching in the intimate area, foul smell in the area, burning sensation in the area, or pimples. These are common signs of general infection, more serious infections can cause extreme painful urination, heavy yellowish discharge with foul smell, chronic abdominal pain, cramps and lots of pimples around and over the intimate area.

Skin discoloration of the intimate area can not be alarming, unless other signs accompany it. Itching and burning sensation around the darkened skin may indicate an infection. If you have any signs and symptoms, do not take it lightly. Consult your gynaecologist immediately as severe infections may lead to infertility or problems in conceiving.

Feminine Hygiene during Menstruation

Every woman must take some extra care of feminine hygiene during menstruation. Maintain feminine hygiene during menstruation becomes all the more important as women are more prone to vaginal infection during menstruation.

You must change your sanitary pad every 4-5 hours, as dampened sanitary pads can cause serious bacterial infection. Even if you use menstrual cups or tampons, you must be cleaning cups or changing tampons at the right intervals.

To maintain the pH balance, you must use feminine hygiene washes, or wipes that are easily available in the market to stay safe and healthy during menstruation.

What is a good feminine hygiene wash (Vaginal intimate wash)?

Vaginal infections are on a rise, according to a recent study. Therefore, every woman and girl must be aware of vaginal infection and how to maintain feminine hygiene. Maintaining good feminine hygiene practice is a must for every woman and girl. The best and easiest way to maintain feminine hygiene is to use, feminine hygiene wash and not your regular soap. A good feminine wash contains lactic acid that helps in maintaining the pH level, hence keep the good bacteria active and bad bacteria away.

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