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Deal with an Emotionally Abusive Marriage

Are you facing an Emotionally Abusive Marriage? Is your partner degrading you continuously?

A marriage is bliss between two people, but when one has to deal with an emotionally abusive marriage, this marital bliss becomes a curse. Emotional abuse is more devastating than physical abuse, as one is mentally and emotionally broken apart. Your lack of

Few signs of an Emotionally Abusive Marriage, if you are facing them then you must get up and use the below given strategies to cope with your Emotionally Abusive Marriage.

Threatens to abandon you and control you economically!

Aggressive behavior for no specific reasons, ending up in humiliating and insulting you!

Unnecessary suspicion and doubts about your character!

Breaking things and shouting at the top of voice!

Criticize you and use foul language!

Degrading you in private and public!

Minimizing or denying appreciation and affection as a punishment!

husband yelling at wife, emotional abusing

Steps to Cope with Emotionally Abusive Marriage

Tell someone you trust

Talk to someone you can trust, sharing your experience is like detoxifying your mind. Talking to someone you trust will help you gain your lost confidence back and enough strength to cope with this marriage.

Share with your and your partner’s parents

Once you are emotionally and mentally stable after talking to someone you trust, share with parents. Yes, it is very important for parents to know what is going on, as they are the closes to seek help from. Seek their advice!

Confront Your Partner

The next big step must be confronting your partner. Confront him only when you find him/her calm. Tell him how you feel when he degrades you, what is the impact of his nature, his taunts and his behavior with you and your life!

Join a Dance Club or Yoga Club

This might sound strange, but spending quality time together to bring back the closeness which has been lost with time. Yoga/dance will calm your mind and relax you both a bit to realize your marriage and its importance again.

Marriage counselor

Try going for marriage counselling, it might help you find the reason for your partner’s behavior.  If the problem has a medical solution, go for it. If your partner takes the responsibility of his behavior and promise to change it then counselling might help.

Have a Holiday

It sounds crazy but it is not, sometimes all a relationship need is space. Go on a holiday alone with your friends leaving your partner alone. May be that space might make him/her realize your importance and guilt of his/her behavior.

Take a decision

If nothing helps, then it is time you must take a decision for your future because this emotional abuse can turn into physical abuse and much more violent than you thought.

Call Police

If you are not able to take a decision and things get worse Call the Police. Do not over push yourself into a relationship which is only being dragged by you.

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Try to avoid situations that trigger your partner’s bad side.

Try to talk to your partner about his/her behavior.

Do not at any point feel bad or helpless about the situation. Believe in yourself.

Sharing about bad marriage with your trusted one is only going to help, there is nothing bad in sharing.

Never justify when your partner is in a bad mood, it will worsen things.

If you can, get away when your partner is emotionally abusing you.

Stand for yourself, Do not encourage your partner’s emotional abuses.

You can’t clap with one hand, understand your role in the abuse, and try to overcome your negatives.


Emotionally Abusing is a part of domestic violence, do not take it lightly.

Emotionally Abusing can lead to physical abuse, do not wait for that. Take a step before you are physically abused.

If things get worse, do Call the Police without wasting any time.

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