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Lip is the most sensitive part, and we should be very careful every time we use something there. Keeping this point in mind, Namyaa brings the best organic lip scrub into the market. If you have cracked or rough lips, then you can use this organic lip scrub, which hydrates and makes your lips smooth by exfoliating the lips gently. You can keep this small lip scrub in your side bag and apply it on your lips whenever you want.
The Namyaa’s organic lip scrub is of all-natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, sugar, Vitamin E and glycerin. All these natural ingredients of this product make it healthy for your lips. The oil agents of the lip scrub cannot only reduce the roughness but also makes it smooth and even naturally.

Namyaa’s organic lip scrub price: Rs. 240 for per 15 grams packs and available at different ecommerce sites, retailers and shops.

Namyaa’s Organic Lip Scrub

Namyaa’s Organic Lip Scrub Packaging

The best part of the Namyaa’s organic lip scrub is it’s easy to carry packaging. The small pack of 15grams lip scrub is easy to keep in your side bag wherever you go, and you can apply on your lips on the way whenever you want. It can change the appearance of the lips within a few seconds and last a long time.

My Experience with Namyaa’s Organic Lip Scrub

I am very selective about the products that I apply to my lips. I was finding for an organic lip scrub that can rectify the cracks on my lips and make it even. One of my friends told me to use Namyaa’s organic lip scrub and see the result. I easily got it available online and started to apply it on my lips regularly. It has not only made my lips even but also healthy and attractive at the same time.

I just need to take the minimum portion on the lip scrub on the tips of my finger and apply on the lips whenever I feel my lips dry. It instantly hydrates my lips and gives it a natural glossiness. The vitamin E content of the lip scrub makes it healthy from the inner layer and keeps the appearance of the lips intact for a longer time.

Even I used this lip scrub with light make up for regular and official appearance, and many of my colleagues appreciate me. The lip scrub has a mild essence of blended oil and sweet taste that cherish whenever I put it on my lips.

What I liked about Namyaa’s Organic Lip Scrub

  • Its instant smoothening effect on the lips
  • Its long-lasting effect on the lips
  • Rectifying the cracks from the inner layer of the lips

What I did not like about Namyaa’s Organic Lip Scrub

  • I felt its little expensive
  • Scrub particles were settled down

My rating for Namyaa’s Organic Lip Scrub is 4.5 out of 5

Would I recommend Namyaa’s Organic Lip Scrub?

Yes, of course, I will recommend Namyaa’s organic lip scrub for its natural elements that rectify the lips within the shortest period.  

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