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Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi is a journey of a man who became a Living God. I have no clue what Amish  Tripathi has thought before started writing these books. Or what inspired him to write these books. Those who have read the Shiva Trilogy would better understand and those who have not read will find a reason to do so now. Shiva trilogy very comfortably and easily without holding its grip from the story line makes us all realize and find the answers to all those hidden questions inside us.

We all get upset and gets depressed and then thousands of questions arise in our minds and we do not have any answer to them. With closed eyes we ask these questions to the one we call GOD which are not answered most of the times. These unanswered questions have been answered in Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi. You must be thinking, How can just these 3 books have the answer to thousands of questions asked by thousands of people!

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Sometimes all we need is a direction and path and we get the answers automatically, these 3 books show every reader that path. Your mind and your soul will make you realize a lot of things while reading Shiva Trilogy, which may not directly be answered in Shiva Trilogy, but as I realized a lot of things and could relate them to today’s world. The pain, the sorrows and the corruption in this world is making it difficult for everyone to live and most importantly the hatred, the lies and the corruption growing inside ourselves is also making it really difficult for our soul and our conscious to live.

Below are just a few questions which have been answered in these books, there are many more to discover and every discovery of a new answer depends on you and just you.

shiva triology amish tripathi

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What is GOD?

We have learned and heard from many that He is Divine, someone who doesn’t make any mistakes. He is complete in himself and gives us all what we need at the right time. We must abide by his rules, and follow the right path of Good and not Evil to find him and live in Paradise and not go to hell. But they always forget to define what is Good and What is Evil! These 3 books will tell you what really a GOD is, What is Good and What is Evil.

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Definition of Right and Wrong

The definition of right and wrong is very complicated, something which is right for me can be wrong for someone else. The morning for Indians can be night for Americans, Who is wrong here? Is it Americans for saying it a night or Indians for saying it a day? The perspective and situation of a person make something appears to be right or wrong.

What is Evil?

Excess of everything can be bad, be it water or goodness. Yes! It is, even excess of good can become evil and the worst nightmare for anyone. If you have read the book, you will find many examples, be it somras or Parvateshwar’s excess belief in Meluha.

How to find the God?

They say, choose the right path, go to the worship place and pray. Some say, he is inside you, some say take celibacy and meditate to find GOD. But after reading Shiva Trilogy, I realized make Him yours, he just needs your love and faith. No formalities can make him happy, just those pure feelings coming out of your heart for him is enough to find him.

What I Realized

While reading, The Immortals of Meluha, I realized, we might just feel that we cannot but if we go on and try to find the right path we will. Surrendering ourselves to him completely to him and just follow our conscious is enough. The wrong is not always wrong, it’s our perspective that makes it look like wrong. No one is bad, it just they are different, their thinking and their lifestyles are different.

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While reading The Secret of the Nagas, I realized not to be in a hurry to judge anything or anyone, it’s the right time which comes with solutions and not just mere debating with our minds. I realized, every good has some bads with it, and every Bad has few goods with it. Our consciousness is the only one to differentiate and find them.

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While reading The Oath of  the Vayuputras, I realized, excess of everything is bad, even excess of goodness can be bad even worse. I realized how important our soul and conscious is for us, without them we are just bodies lost in this world of negativity and hatred finding their way but getting lost more and more on the evils. I realized how Anger plays its role, how strong a person can be, how weak can a strong person become, I realized a lot of things and I am still going on with this process of understanding Shiva Trilogy more as it is going deeper. As if My soul has become a Sponge absorbing every word, every sense and every bit of Shiva Trilogy.

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P.S- All those who think the Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi is based on Hinduism or is made for the believer of Lord Shiva, please think again. This set of 3 books is for every person who has a soul and consciousness, it’s a journey of every man towards the righteousness.

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