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Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? And when it comes to enhancing your beauty, and complement your looks, one has to wear perfect shoes matching the occasion and your attire. One must know the latest trends for women shoes, designs and types of Shoes for women available in the market so that a woman knows what she must have and what not. You must have heard pumps, stilettos, metallic, glittery and god knows 10,000 other names ready to confuse you, we have tried to keep the basics in the list to keep the post more informative and simple.

latest types, trends, designs of women footwear and shoes

All types of shoes available in the market for a woman from her everyday needs to special occasions are described below.  You can understand the types and choose what is best for you, what you must possess in your Closet and which she must leave.

Flip- flops for womenFlip-Flops

The most comfortable of all, you can wear them daily at home and relax. It’s an open-toed sandal, helps your feet get fresh air and breath. It’s the essential and the basic footwear need of everyone.

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Mules and Clogs for womenMules & Clogs

Interestingly Mules & Clogs have been quite popular in recent times, you must have heard about Croc mules. They are backless shoes, comfortable and sporty.

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Flat footwear for womenFlats

Another comfortable range for women, the Flats are the most comfortable shoe one can wear even outside. As the name suggests, they are flat. No heel beneath, pure flat to keep your feet comfortable at the most.

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SAndals footwear for womenSandals

Sandals are basically stylish shoe which may or may not have heels. There can be of many different sub- types and sub-categories of Sandals

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wedges footwear for womenWedges

The basic option for one who can’t wear heels can opt for wedges as they have wedge shaped heels and offer more stability and comfort to the feet. Wedges are in trend and women who can sport heels also love to wear wedges.

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Office footwear for womenWork / Formal

Basically formal shoes which one can wear in an office and formal get together come under this category. Every woman must have these in her closet, it is a definitely must have.

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comfortable footwear for womenComfortable 

These shoes are made, keeping comfort in mind and not just looks. Comfort shoes may don’t look very appealing to you but they would definitely appeal to your feet.

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MOdern latest high heels for girls and womenHigh Heels

For all those short women, heels are a must have to enhance their overall personality. It’s a style statement for every woman as well. You must have seen all the actresses wearing heels most of every time.

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special occasion footwear shoes for girls and  womenSpecial Occasions

These studded, glittery shoes are worn on special occasions like parties and marriages. Again a must have for every woman, who doesn’t like to flaunt every bit of their personality.

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trendy latest design ankle boots for girls and womenAnkle Boots

Apart from all the basics, heels and sandals here comes the category of Boots. Ankle boots are hot and trendy and gives you a sporty yet glamorous look.

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Fashion Sneakers for all women and girlsFashion Sneakers

Be it your daily yoga or jogging you need a pair of sneakers, but aren’t sneakers boring? Here are what every woman would love to have, Fashion sneakers! Sneakers with a bit of much needed fashion.

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latest fashion Athletic shoes footwear for women and girlsAthletic Shoes

If you are into sports then Athletic shoes are a must for you. Athletic shoes are comfortable and keep your feet safe from injuries that may hurt your feet.

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